Gypsy & Sons - F/W 2014

Gypsy & Sons - F/W 2014

Gypsy & Sons - F/W 2014


Une cigarette

Vintage Donegal jacket featuring the famous Cifonelli shoulder

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The Waning Weeks Of The Three Piece Suit.

Thursday meetings in box check Lesser Golden Bale flannel.

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FStB is on TSB

A few weeks ago I had the good fortune of meeting up with Dan and Alex of TSBMen and working with them to create an editorial discussing my personal style. On the off chance that you aren’t familiar with TSBMen (formerly The Style Blogger), the site was created by Dan Trepanier about 5 years ago and has since grown into the largest men’s style blog in the world. I would suggest that you familiarize yourself with their site if you haven’t already.

The TSB site has often taken a different path than the hundreds of men’s style blogs out there, but I have always appreciated that they have remained an independent voice on men’s clothing in a scene overwhelmed with groupthink and re-hashed content. The TSB team has continually churned out original writing and photography on their site, which is something that is surprisingly rare these days. 

On top of that, Dan and Alex are two very entertaining and down-to-earth guys; it was great to spend some time getting to know them and working with them on this editorial. 

As you would probably expect, I used this opportunity to talk about the merits of a small, simple wardrobe and how I’ve used that as a foundation for my own personal style. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Thanks again to Alex and Dan for making me look cool, and for including me in their great library of work.

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BnTailor belted trench coat

A trenchcoat should always possess some degree of formlessness. Save for the 2 very prominent front darts through the waist, BnTailor’s version is perfectly formless. The waist can be belted to provide the illusion of cinching, but underdone the garment is just as breathtaking, it has a peculiar shifting about it. 

This does not mean that it it lacks definition, rather it cloaks and softens the silhouette of the wearer. It evokes impressions of what lies beneath rather than announcing itself as simply the outermost layer. There is almost a casualness to it that redefines the tailored clothing underneath, exaggerating every little movement of the wearer’s body. 

A beautiful and generous coat that turns the notion of ‘slim’ or ‘fashionable’ fit on its head. 

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Original aviators (Ray-Ban) /m0851 leather tote (similar) / Plaid coat (A.P.C.)


Viola Milano Grenadine Tie.

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